What are the Best Fat Burners of 2017?

Ask any expert their thoughts on the new year and they will probably have a different opinion. Given there are so many people who have expertise with understanding the science of fat loss and healthy weight, it is no wonder there are so many opinions, but this can make it difficult for you to keep track of them all.

In this article, we are going to help you to focus on understanding exactly what tools you can use in order to improve your fat burning potential in the new year. Now that it is January there are tons of new year’s resolutions that need to be filled and you’re going to be the person who does it!

#1. Hordenine HCl – if you have never heard of this molecule before, it is an alkaloid that can be found in many different plants and other natural compounds. The important thing about hordenine is that it can increase adrenaline as a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. That’s science speak for helping you keep a chemical that burns fat!

garcinia cambogia in 2017

#2. Artichoke extract – this is another natural compound found in the plant… artichokes! If you have ever had this for a meal, you’ll find that it is not only delicious, but also full of a specific chemical compound that will help you to improve your body weight and reduce your fat mass. Most people who use artichoke extract find tremendous benefits as a result. It even has cognitive effects as well if you are lucky enough to get forskolin!

#3. Garcinia cambogia – long lauded as a great fat burning option, there is even more evidence that this drug is going to be highly beneficial for the purposes of reducing fat mass. Most people who are using garcinia cambogia find that they can reduce their fat by up to 80% over the course of only a few weeks.

The best part about all of these options is that they are all-natural. You can reduce your fat mass and get rid of excess body weight by using these three solutions in 2017 and look your best.

Of course, if you want to make sure that your dieting works for the long term, it is probably best for you to make sure that you are also incorporating a healthy diet and plenty of exercise into your regimen. Without those things, there is a chance your old habits will come back and so will the fat.

Should I Give My Kid Smart Drugs?

A lot of parents struggle with a healthy balance of giving their kid every opportunity to succeed and pushing them too far. A lot of kids would like to have great grades and make their parents proud, but not at the expense of their health and fun. This is why a lot of parents feel guilty about giving their kids Ritalin or Adderall, not to mention the fact that there exists a fair amount of alternatives to Adderall. Even if your children have not been prescribed drugs to help them perform better, you still want to make sure that you help them when possible.

teenagerYet, at a young age their brain is very impressionable and susceptible to long term change. The last thing you want to do is create a dependency on drugs that change brain chemistry at a young age. Most people who get hooked on caffeine at a young age never get off of it, for instance. While caffeine is not the end of the world for most parents, it is the tip of the iceberg if you are opening the smart drug door for kids.

Starting them off early is not a bad idea, but the age should be 18 or older. Having kids change their brain chemistry too much earlier than that is not a good idea and it is useful to speak to a doctor before doing anything. Remember, you have a responsibility to do what is right by them, which is not always what you would do!

While there are few parents who intentionally give nootropics to their children with bad intentions, it is still a problem that you must be aware and vigilant of. Instead of getting them started as soon as you can, just try to make sure you give them a slow and steady introduction to brain improvements through natural means first. Then they can expand their supplementation from there.

How Many Carbs is Too Much?

There are probably a million different beliefs on the topic of how many carbs is too much, but if you are anything like most people, you will have your own opinion on the matter. The important thing is to develop an opinion that has a basis in facts and your personal goals as opposed to what someone else has said. Most of the time, people are too caught up trying to listen to others instead of looking at the data and determining what they want to achieve in their life.

carbs pastaFor someone who is power lifting, for example, it does not make sense to limit your carb intake. The goal in this situation is to become as big and strong as possible and trying to eat only a few carbs each day probably isn’t going to offer all that much benefit. However, if you are trying to get rid of fat and live a more lean lifestyle, you might want to look into reducing the carbs in your diet compared to the other foods you’re eating.

Protein is always one of the best things that you can incorporate into your diet and if it comes in place of carbs, you’ll be okay with that as well. Making sure that you have enough carbohydrates is important because you need this as the most ready source of energy for the human body. This is why humans love the taste of sugar so much. A typical number of carbs per day is anywhere from 100 – 220 grams. The 100 grams per day is on the lower side for someone who eats fibrous sources of carbs and whole foods.

Making sure that you have the right kind of carbs is also important so try to eat less sugar and more sweet potatoes as well.